The scope of services includes

About CPC

Central Power Consultant (H.K.) Company Limited was established in 2002. We are specialized in dealing with sophisticated domestic practices and procedures in China for 17 years thus we are confident to help our customers to solve their commercial difficulties by offering legal suggestions or solutions under China jurisdiction. We have an office in Shenzhen and cooperate with many Chinese lawyers and accountants, so we can get any response in a timely manner. We can help to interpret correctly the Chinese law and documents from Chinese government which have no English version in most of the time.

The scope of services includes

Set Up of China Incorporation and Hong Kong Companies

WOFE, JV, RO, Processing factory, merge and Acquisition services

Easy Search Service

Company search, Credit report and land search

Registration of China and Hong Kong Trademark / Chinese Patent

Registration, modify or de-registration

China Tax Compliance

Taxation Reporting, Annual Examines, Asset Validating, Organization Change or De-register

Notarization Document

Marital Document, Contract, Commercial Information, Testament or Death Notarization

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