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Register Status Note 1

Enterprise name, registration no., address, telephone, scope of business, shareholder name & contribution portion, director & legal representative, registration date, registered capital, annual exam Status


Credit Report Note 2

Besides above, including branch office information, composition of capital, shareholder & legal representative information, land & production plant information, sales information, financial Status, customer comment, two years balance report, main Intercourse bank information, trademarks & patents, local lawsuit record, industry comparison, general comment, credit rating.


Property Right Search


Property ownership, registration & properties no, type of registered and use, log no or property value.


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Any criminal or civil case being in proceeding


Hong Kong Co. Search


Shareholder, shares allocation, director, registered address and annual return etc.


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-$3300 -

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-$1900 -

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$400 (certify true copy $250)

 Note 1: Administration authority information un-integrated in China, information may be difference by each city, report with AIC chop.

Note 2: The subject company too new or not perform annual examination, it may cause report insufficient information.

Note 3: Additional charge for English version or urgent report, report deliver by e-mail or fax, original report charged $150